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March 19 deadline for feedback to Ministry well-being education strategy

Reminding everyone that March 19, 2017 is the final date to submit feedback on the Ministry’s well-being strategy for education. Check out the Ministry’s page at for various print and vidoes resources and the link to the engagement portal where you can submit feedback.

From the site:  “The Ministry of Education is looking to develop a shared vision of how we can best support the well-being of all students, in collaboration with parents, students, educators and administrators, counsellors, social workers, and community partners across the province.

Work is happening every day in local school communities to promote and support the well-being of students. At the same time, we also know that there are significant challenges and more work is necessary to support the well-being of all Ontario learners. The Ministry of Education wants to learn from, and build on the successful work underway, as we collectively move forward on our shared goal of promoting student well-being.

By drawing on the knowledge of those who have done important work over many years to foster well-being among our students, we will strive to establish a common understanding of what promoting well-being means in schools, identify challenges and opportunities for improving supports for well-being and consider how we will know our impact on well-being to best guide our future efforts.

With your feedback and with contributions from partner ministries, we will develop a provincial student well-being framework for K-12, that will reflect our shared commitments and the positive outcomes we want for all our students.”

Check it out! Rowan

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New UNESCO document on school violence & bullying

UNESCO has released an 2017 document titled School Violence and Bullying: A Global Perspective. Pages 8-11 provide a summary of the content and include sections titled:

  • The scope of school violence and bullying
  • The prevalence of school violence and bullying
  • The impact of school violence and bullying
  • The response to school violence and bullying
  • Key challenges
  • Priorities for action

Why is it important? See the impact it has on student success(from page 27):









Check it out! Rowan


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Bell Let’s Talk Day; CAMH video on mental health

January 25, 2017 is Bell Let’s Talk Day. TDSB will be joining the conversation on Twitter about mental health with the goal of raising awareness about programs, services and supports in the TDSB and helping to dispel the stigma of mental health. Join and follow the conversation with us @TDSB and @TDSB_MHWB.

CAMH has developed a short video that explains the separate but interconnected concepts of mental health and mental illness, as well as what it means to promote mental health in ourselves and in our school communities.


Check out the TDSB mental health & well-being services:


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CEA releases Facts on Education document on mental health

How can we best support student mental well-being? is the January 2017 Facts on Education issue – a one-page joint publication from the Canadian Education Association and the University of Quebec at Montreal. Frankly one page does not do this subject justice however it would work  as a discussion starter. The main page  includes a solid resource list.

From the PDF: While there’s no single cause linked to anxiety and depression, educators can focus on promoting the following factors of positive youth mental health that we know will strengthen students’ coping skills when faced with stressful situations:

  • Positive self-esteem
  • Lifestyles that include physical activity, healthy eating habits and quality sleep
  • Harmonious family relations
  • Supportive school environments that are conducive to learning
  • Positive student-teacher relations


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Ontario Knowledge Network for Student Well-being.

The following is from a Ministry news release published Dec 9: 

Here is the link to the Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being .

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Join the Ontario discussion on student well-being

On November 3rd, I posted an item about 2 new MoE announcements  one on financial literacy (which took up the most part of my brain ‘cos November is Financial Literacy Month),  and the second on Student success and Wellness.

I would like to point out a couple of things worth mentioning about the success and wellness announcement.

  • From the Ministry main page,  you can directly access their well-being strategy.
  • this page includes a lot resources/information including a new engagement paper (released Nov 3). From page 3: “As we continue to strive for excellence in our education system, we know it is essential to help all of our students develop a sense of well-being – the sense of self, identity, and belonging in the world that will give each of them their best chance to learn, grow and thrive.”
  • remind everyone that the Ministry has created a survey – an engagement portal-for you to contribute  to this discussion: “With your feedback and with contributions from partner ministries, we will develop a provincial student well-being framework for K-12, that will reflect our shared commitments and the positive outcomes we want for all our students”. Note that the deadline for the survey  is January 15, 2017.
  • a kit has been created to  encourage anyone in Ontario to host engagement sessions:  “This could be part of a regularly scheduled series of meetings or a specific meeting to discuss well-being. You can decide on the format that best serves your community or audience. The ministry is providing an engagement kit to support those who want to organize their own discussions”.

OPHEA has identified 8 elements for well-being , including: Collaborative Government Leadership; Focused and Sustained Funding; Flexible, Student-Centred Curriculum; Monitoring and Quality Assurance; Facilities, Equipment, and Resources; Professional Development; Awareness and Communications; Sector Alignment and Implementation.

Check it out! Rowan

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MoE: financial literacy & student success and wellness (2 news releases)

Today, the Ministry released 2 announcements / news releases – one on financial literacy, the other on student success and wellness.

Improving Financial Literacy for Ontario Students. Selected from the news release:  Ontario has published two documents detailing opportunities and topics related to financial literacy and how it is woven throughout Ontario’s elementary and secondary curriculum. An updated version of these will be published in the 2016-17 school year.

Additional Resources


Ontario Supporting Student Success and Wellness: Province Seeking Input on Well-Being in Schools . Selected from the news release:  The province is consulting with a diverse range of partners in education, health care, youth justice, social services, business, arts and culture and the non-profit sector, as well as francophone partners and communities to incorporate their unique identities, cultural backgrounds and perspectives. The ministry is also working with Indigenous partners to co-develop supports and indicators of well-being for Indigenous students that can help inform the larger well-being strategy for all students.

People can read the engagement paper entitled Well-Being in Our Schools, Strength in Our Society, and submit their views by:

Check it out! Rowan

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