10 Questions for Math Teachers

October 17, 2016 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

OECD. (2016). Ten Questions for Mathematics Teachers … and how PISA can help answer them. PISA, OECD Publishing, Paris, http://dx.doi.or /10.1787/9789264265387-en

  1. How much should I direct student learning in my mathematics classes?
  2. Are some mathematics teaching methods more effective than others?
  3. As a mathematics teacher, how important is the relationship I have with my students?
  4. What do we know about memorisation and learning mathematics?
  5. Can I help my students learn how to learn mathematics?
  6. Should I encourage students to use their creativity in mathematics?
  7. Do students’ backgrounds influence how they learn mathematics?
  8. Should my teaching emphasise mathematical concepts or how those concepts are applied in the real world?
  9. Should I be concerned about my students’ attitudes towards mathematics?
  10. What can teachers learn from PISA?

See what the document says and check out the video  and blog too!

From the blog: “But teacher-directed strategies, and in fact all teaching strategies, work best when teachers also challenge students and encourage them to focus more on the process rather than the answer. These types of strategies, known as cognitive-activation strategies, ask students to summarise, question and predict – requiring students to link new information to information they have already learned and apply their skills to a new context where the answer to a problem is not immediately obvious or can even be solved in multiple ways.”


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