Educational leadership related to PLCs in schools

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OECD has released #15 (Sept, 2016 /15)in the Teaching in Focus series titled School Leadership for Developing Professional Learning Communities. 

Selected from page 1:   “Professional learning communities refer to the structural and recurrent actions that aim to encourage dialogue and collaboration between teachers in order to improve their practices. Five indicators were used in TALIS 2013 to capture this concept: 1) teacher engagement in reflective dialogue; 2) deprivatised practice  [Deprivatised practice” refers to teachers observing other teachers’ classes, with the goal of providing feedback on their teaching] ; 3) shared sense of purpose; 4) collaborative activity; and 5) a collective focus on learning.

The OECD study conceptualises school leadership as being comprised of two domains:

  1. 1. Instructional leadership: the set of practices related to the improvement of teaching and learning.
  2. 2. Distributed leadership: the set of practices related to the ability of principals to incorporate different stakeholders in school decision-making processes.”

From page 4:  “The School Leadership for Learning report shows that educational leadership is clearly related to the development of professional learning communities in schools at all educational levels. It is especially related to the engagement of teachers in reflective dialogue and teacher co-operation. However, there is still room for improvement and some indicators of instructional and distributed leadership need further development cross-nationally. A possible method of enhancing instructional leadership is through training for principals that focuses on this area. By encouraging principals to take notice of developments in their field through in-service training or attendance of leadership courses and professional development activities, awareness of their role as a school leader can be fostered.”

Read the related blog, here, by Montserrat Gomendio.

Check it out! Rowan

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