81% of students pass OSSLT test more supports needed for Spec Ed students

EQAO  has published  a news release and infographic announcing the results of the 2016 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) written by Grade 10 students last March.

Selected from the news release:

  • 81% of Ontario’s Grade 10 students who participated fully on the OSSLT were successful on their first try.
  • 53% of all students with special education needs were successful on the test in 2016
  • The success rate on the OSSLT has remained high but relatively unchanged over the past five year

Check it out!

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Copyright Matters – 4th ed (2016) now available on CMEC website

CMEC has made available the 2016 4th edition of Copyright Matters! by Wanda Noel and Jordan Snel on its web page at http://cmec.ca/9/Publications/index.html .

Check it out! It is longer than the previous edition. Best little book ever on Canadian copyright for teachers – just saying.


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Inquiry-based Learning in French Language Classrooms

Many months ago Debra Z from the TDSB French department recommended a link, specifically the French resources available on the Ontario Elementary Social Studies Association web page. Check here for a video series that « présente trois enseignants qui partagent comment aborder les études sociales à travers le processus d’enquête dans une classe de français langue seconde (FLS).  Ceci peut être un défi pour tous les enseignants de FLS à cause du niveau de langue française que les apprenants ont acquis.  Chaque collègue présenté dans cette série explique les stratégies et pratiques utilisées qui mènent leurs élèves à apprendre comment appliquer et communiquer les connaissances et la compréhension des différents sujets étudiés en études sociales à travers le processus d’enquête. »

The Professional Library has the very popular book by TDSB teacher Jennifer Watt  IQ : A guide to inquiry-based learning and is also available in French Le processus d’enquête : Transformer la curiosité en véritable apprentissage (adapted by Léo-James Lévesque.) TDSB teachers may reserve the books in the catalogue (remember to login first).

Other selected useful links …  I am sure that there are many more – please recommend:

Boss, S. (2014, Mar. 13). Using the inquiry model in a core French class. [Blog]. Retrieved from http://bonneideefsl.blogspot.ca/2014/03/using-inquiry-model-in-core-french-class.html

Building Language Skills through a Cross-Curricular Approach. (20-12, Nov.). Prologue. Retrieved from  http://www.edugains.ca/resourcesFSL/PDF/Prologue/Prologue_BuildingLanguageSkills.pdf

EduGains. FSL.  http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/fsl/index.html

Fortier, P. (2014, Autumn). The ups and downs of a French Immersion Kindergarten teacher: My journey toward an inquiry-based approach to teaching. Learning Landscape, 8(1): 123-138. Retrieved from http://www.learninglandscapes.ca/images/documents/ll-no15/pfortier.pdf

 French immersion in Ontario: Two languages – a shared approach. Capacity Building Series # 19.  Ontario Ministry of Education. Retrieved from  http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/literacynumeracy/inspire/research/CBS_FrenchImmersion.pdf

Inquiry-Based Learning. (2013, May). Capacity Building Series #32. Ontario Ministry of Education. Retrieved from http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/literacynumeracy/inspire/research/CBS_InquiryBased.pdf

Instructional Strategies. Modern Language Council (MLCLM). Retrieved from  http://www.omlta.org/wp-content/uploads/MLC/Instructional_Strategies_FINAL.pdf

Ontario Ministry of Education FSL curriculum links: Elementary and Secondary

Ontario Physical Health Education Association. L’apprentissage fondé sur l’enquête en éducation physique et santé. [web page]. Retrieved from  http://carrefourpedagogique.ophea.net/ressources/lapprentissage-fonde-sur-lenquete-en-eps

Teaching and learning in the core French classroom. Capacity Building Series #26.  Ontario Ministry of Education. Retrieved from  http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/literacynumeracy/inspire/research/CBS_Core_French.pdf

Transforming FSL.  Curriculum Services Canada http://www.curriculum.org/fsl/en/

Check ’em out! Rowan



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Math and Spatial Reasoning (elem)

A teacher told us there was going to be an emphasis on spatial reasoning (or sense/awareness) so we created a resource list.

Here it is: MathandSpatialReasoningelem2016

Check it out!


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MoE: Facility Condition Index

From Ministry website

“In June 2016, the ministry announced $1.1 billion in funding over two years to address school repairs and renewal projects. This investment will result in critical improvements to key building components that ensure student safety and improve energy efficiency, like roofing, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems….

The Government of Ontario is committed to increasing the transparency of its historic investments in school infrastructure so that Ontarians can see the importance of this funding and the results it yields over time. As part of that commitment, the Ministry of Education is pleased to release the Facility Condition Index.”

Click for the link to the Facility Condition Index page and the actual list. From the page:

How does the Ministry of Education determine a school’s FCI rating?

Based on the findings of each school inspection over a five-year period, the ministry can determine a school’s repair and renewal costs. The cost of a school’s repair and renewal needs are then compared against the cost of rebuilding that same school from the ground up. The results of this comparison — fixing a school or rebuilding it — give the school its FCI, which is measured as a percentage.


On August 22, 2016 TDSB made public its repair list – TDSB to Report School-by-School List of Needed Repairs. 

Quick Facts

  • TDSB has 588 active schools – needed repairs total 23,232
  • Renewal Needs Backlog (school repairs) is ~ $3.4 billion (July 2016)
  • Approximately 200 schools fall into the critical need for repair category
  • School Repairs Investment Profile (provincial government funding)
    • 2015-16 – $156M
    • 2016-17 – $166M
    • 2015-17 – $257M (additional $ announced June, 2016)

Check out today’s Toronto Star (online) article $15 Billion Needed to fix Ontario’s Schools by Oliver Sachgau and an earlier article by same author, Toronto Schools Face 3.4 billion Repair Backlog.

Also see the Fix Our Schools website : “Since launching in October 2014, we have built a network of over 1500 people that is growing each day and includes citizens from many of the 72 school boards in the province. We believe that there is strength in numbers and power in our grassroots, non-partisan activism. Politicians of all political stripes and from all levels of government are following the Fix Our Schools campaign with interest. We aim to continue to build our network and, in doing so, capture the interest of more politicians and lobby those in power to work together to ensure that all Ontario students attend school in buildings that are safe and well-maintained.”

Check it out!



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New books about … mathematics & literacy (primary/junior)

Check out these new-for-us books.

Professional Book:


Books for student learners:

TDSB teachers may borrow these books by contacting the library [5-8289; professionallibrary@tdsb.on.ca] or reserving books in the catalogue – remember to login first.


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New books about … coding

Check out these new-for-us books on coding:

  1. Adventures in coding (2016, Holland & Minick). All about Scratch.
  2. Coding games in Scratch (2016, Jon Woodcock). This is a DK book so it includes lots of colour visuals.
  3. Coding with Scratch made easy: learn the basics, games, and projects (2016, Woodcock & Setford). For ages 9-11, Canadian ed.
  4. The official ScratchJr book: Help your kids learn to code! (2016, Umashil Bers & Resnuick). Scratchjr, for ages 5-7, appendix includes several reference guides to different blocks.

TDSB teachers may borrow these books by contacting the library [5-8289; professionallibrary@tdsb.on.ca] or reserving books in the catalogue – remember to login first. You can review our 2015 coding resource list at this Google document – remember to use your TDSB login.


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