New books about … mathematics & literacy (primary/junior)

Check out these new-for-us books.

Professional Book:


Books for student learners:

TDSB teachers may borrow these books by contacting the library [5-8289;] or reserving books in the catalogue – remember to login first.


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New books about … coding

Check out these new-for-us books on coding:

  1. Adventures in coding (2016, Holland & Minick). All about Scratch.
  2. Coding games in Scratch (2016, Jon Woodcock). This is a DK book so it includes lots of colour visuals.
  3. Coding with Scratch made easy: learn the basics, games, and projects (2016, Woodcock & Setford). For ages 9-11, Canadian ed.
  4. The official ScratchJr book: Help your kids learn to code! (2016, Umashil Bers & Resnuick). Scratchjr, for ages 5-7, appendix includes several reference guides to different blocks.

TDSB teachers may borrow these books by contacting the library [5-8289;] or reserving books in the catalogue – remember to login first. You can review our 2015 coding resource list at this Google document – remember to use your TDSB login.


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Professional Learning can be more than a workshop (see list of 35 things)

The June 2016 (37:3) issue of JSD: Journal of Staff Development includes, among many other things, a 2-page article titled Beyond the Workshop (pp 54-55) and it offers a bookmark titled “If not a workshop, then what?”  This bookmark includes a list of 35 professional learning opportunities and activities for team or self directed professional learning. This is great list for the motivated teacher or the school leader who wants to encourage learning and commitment amongst his/her staff.

Here are 5 randomly selected activities from that list :

  • engage in a cycle of inquiry with a team
  • learn with the support of a coach
  • read journals, magazines blogs books (Me: Yeah  Professional Library – your partner in professional learning)
  • participate in school improving planning
  • share teaching success with board and community members

To obtain the full list TDSB teachers can :

  1. Contact the professional library for a copy
  2. Access it on the Learning Forward site – note that is a free/public resource but you have to go through hoops to register to get it (don’tcha hate that)
  3. Access it via the Professional Library ebsco journal database at this persistent link – you may need the TDSB passwords which you can find on this Google document  (remember to login using your TDSB password).

Check it out! Rowan





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Special Education Resource lists accessible for TDSB teachers

The Professional Library has a great collection of resource lists supporting special education teachers – all in one accessible folder It is in the
TDSB Google drive space so remember to login using your TDSB account.

The folder includes current (2015, 2016) resource lists on  topics like autism, gifted, learning disabilities, universal design – and lots more.

Each list includes:

  • journal articles – linked to and readable in our journal database*
  • books and ebooks – linked to our catalogue – reserve them and we’ll send them to you at your school
  • selected Internet links

*Databases are licenced for TDSB teachers. If you are  asked for a password, refer to this Google document

What a fabulous resource for special education teachers! Check it out!


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8 Digital Skills to Teach Children

Posted July 13, 2106, the item 8 Digital Skills We Must Teach our Children, written by Yuhyun Park, appears on the World Economic Forum web page.

The digital skills include: identity, use, safety, security, emotional intelligence communication, literacy, rights,  as demonstrated in the following image:

Check it out! Rowan


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Library open house at Tippett August 24, 25

Hello from the TDSB Library Learning Resources Department,

We hope you are having a rewarding summer.  To help you prepare for September we are hosting a Library Learning Resources Open House Aug 24th (9:30 to 2) & Aug 25th (9:30 to noon) at 3 Tippett Road.

To help us plan for the right number of refreshments, let us know if you plan to attend.

During the Open House TDSB teachers may view demonstrations, ask questions or get individual support:

  • Introduction to the new TDSB Virtual Library on all school and central sites for Sept 2016 (Aug 24: 10 am & 1pm; Aug 25: 10 am)
  • How to find and use Teaching Resources (formerly Medianet), including streamed media (11 am & 1 pm)
  • Library Technical Services help on a wide range of topics (9:30 am – 2 pm)
  • Book a Professional Librarian for your information needs (9:30 am – 2 pm)
  • Learn about bookable novel sets and kits (9:30 am – 2 pm)
  • 2016-17 Just Read It and Writer in Residence Program (9:30 am – 2 pm)
  • Library Learning Resources Building Tours (9:30 & 11 am)

We are accessible from the Wilson TTC station, with limited street parking on Tippett Rd., or consider the TTC parking lot at Wilson and Tippett Rd for $3.

Your Team at Library Learning Resources



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Ontario 2016 Classical Studies/Int. Languages document available

The Ontario 2016 Classical Studies and International Languages curriculum document may have been available for a while, I have just noticed it – and I took Latin all the way through high school too! Actually in the dark ages when I attended high school, in my school, Latin was offered grades 9-12, but you got a grade 13 credit for it.  Every year I swore I was going to drop it, but instead I dropped maths and sciences (too sad), so in the end  Latin saved my high school career!

Anyhow, it looks like the new document replaces/combines the previous documents for grades 9 & 10 (1999) and 11 & 12 (2000).

The following image, reproduced from page 8, shows the enduring ideas that are the foundation of language learning. Check it out, Rowan

Enduring Ideas

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